Pinning the right badge

We can supply you a range of badges with different styles and finishes to help create your pin badge idea into reality.


We can produce a range of styles including:



Antique silver

Shiny silver


Antique gold

 We can also produce your pin badge in a finish that is ideal for your badge design. These include:

Epoxy: A layer of epoxy gives a smooth glass-like finish and is cheaper than hard enamel

Hard enamel: If you rub your finger over a hard enamel pin it will feel smooth and you will not feel  the metal ridges as colour resin is heated and hardened at the same level.

Soft enamel:  If you rub your finger over a soft enamel pin you will feel the metal ridges. This is because soft enamel uses coloured paint which is air-dried, causing a dimensional look.

Pad print: Pad printing is ideal for putting a small logo onto a product without loosing image quality.

Screen print: This involves the passing of ink or any other printing medium through a mesh or screen that has been stretched on a frame, and to which a stencil has been applied.

Imitation stones: We can include imitation stones in pin badges for that ultimate finish.

Engraved detail: For a unique finish, opt of engraving detail done on a polished surface.

 A badge is not a badge until it’s made to your perfection.  Contact us today for more information or browse through a small selection of our previously made pin badges here.


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