A Perfect Fit

Lanyards are a popular choice when it comes to merchandise but what many people fail to realise is that they can be customised in more ways than you think.

No one likes to think about the boring stuff but choosing the right fitting adds that little extra unique touch to your product. With the range of fittings we can provide, we’ll make sure our lanyards and your purpose will fit together like jam on toast!

Everyone also loves a happy ending, that’s why we provide the choice of so many…

Whether you’re using your lanyards for fundraising or at an event, bespoke is our speciality so you can be sure we’ll provide you with a perfect fit.

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Going the extra mile for your yards

When it comes to our customers, we listen to your requirements and tailor our products to meet your purpose, and when it comes to lanyards you can be sure we’ll go that extra yard to make sure your product is top notch.

 Our Lanyards come in a variety of types, colours and sizes and are perfect for your business event, exhibition, music event, festivals or just general promotion. We will tailor your lanyards to suit your needs and their purpose as with all of our products.  

This particular lanyard forLiverpool Football Club has printed detail and is fitted with a standard clip.

 A range of ends are available depending on the intended use of the lanyard. Our lanyards can be fitted with a wide range of clips to support a range of functions from holding an ID card to a mobile phone, USB flash drive or even whistles.

 We can supply you with lanyards with printed text in any font, an image or a combination of both to achieve that perfect product for your brand.